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Threads for Mar 2000

Bug with tables that start with '_'messagesRaul Dias, Thimble Smith26 Mar
Fatal error in ORDER BY crashes Win32 3.22.33 mysqld-nt servermessagePhilip Brown23 Mar
Fatal bug in Win 3.22.33 crashes mysqld-ntmessagePhilip Brown23 Mar
Create tables not neccesarily written to update logmessageBrad Settlemyer22 Mar
Bug crashes SMP mySQL ServermessagesPhilip Brown, sasha21 Mar
'mysqladmin shutdown' with thread count > 0 hangsmessageThimble Smith17 Mar
LIKE '%xxx%' much faster on BLOBs than on TEXTs (Win only)messagesFlorian Kusche, Jan Dvorak, Thimble Smith17 Mar
SQL problems.messagessinisa, Thimble Smith, Uri Even-Chen15 Mar
BugmessagesAndre D. Henry, sasha15 Mar
Mysql connect bugmessagesJanek Hiis, sasha, Thimble Smith8 Mar
Long enum list field vs. select ... group bymessageJan Dvorak7 Mar
Mysql Loosses indexes when adding ORDER BY to a querymessageWico de Leeuw7 Mar
another bug report with mysql++messagessinisa, Uri Even-Chen3 Mar
bug report with mysql++messageUri Even-Chen3 Mar
Problem with "HAVING" and quoted field aliasesmessageThimble Smith2 Mar
Compression option not correctly 'config'ed to buildmessageTonu Samuel1 Mar
[Fwd: Bug?]messageMarc Seefeldt1 Mar