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Threads for Feb 2000

Consistent mysqld coredump (3.23.11-alpha for pc-linux-gnu on i686)messageNick Lindridge27 Feb
Compression option not correctly 'config'ed to buildmessageThimble Smith25 Feb
Documentation Bugmessagesjason king, Michael Widenius25 Feb
corrupt mysql/{db,user}.MYI after GRANTmessageMichael Widenius24 Feb
large hexdecimal constant dosen't work on WHEREmessageMichael Widenius24 Feb
Mysql 3.22.32/Autoconf/tcpwrappers (Solaris)messageMichael Widenius24 Feb
corrupt mysql/{db,user}.MYI after GRANTmessageMichael Widenius24 Feb
Problems starting MysqlmessagesThimble Smith, Webmaster23 Feb
problems installing MySQLmessagesPlease change this to match your real name, sasha23 Feb
SELECT doesn't let an alias to a LOCKed tablemessagesJan Dvorak, Jan Dvorak22 Feb
RPM install won't startmessagesBrenno J.S.A.A.F. de Winter, Thimble Smith22 Feb
Impossible WHEREmessageThimble Smith22 Feb
corrupt mysql/{db,user}.MYI after GRANTmessagesThimble Smith22 Feb
large hexdecimal constant dosen't work on WHEREmessagetomo20 Feb
NULLs get scrambled in an INSERT-SELECTmessageThimble Smith18 Feb
Mysql 3.22.32/Autoconf/tcpwrappers (Solaris)messageRoland Kaltefleiter18 Feb
NULLs get scrambled in an INSERT-SELECTmessageJan Dvorak18 Feb
Using mySQL On Solaris7 w/CGI via Apache 1.3.6messageLarry Morley16 Feb
can't start mysqld at allmessageRichard Runds11 Feb
mysql exits periodically, no error messages or explanationmessageOscar Stiffelman7 Feb
Error uncompressing WIN32 3.23.8messagenhajek1 Feb