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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 22 2000 9:18pm
Subject:Re: Mysql update logs trouble.
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>>>>> "sinisa" == sinisa  <sinisa@stripped> writes:

sinisa> Tonu Samuel writes:
>> Seems to be thing, what can be and should be fixed. 
>> Thank you.
>> Peter Zaitsev wrote:
>> > 
>> > I'm running mysql 3.23.14 with update log turned on. (As well as queries
> log
>> > and slowqueries logs - first for debbugging the crash if one occures second
>> > to tune the database watching why the queries are executed slowly.
>> > 
>> > The all logs are flushed every 5 minutes to feed update_log to replecating
>> > server.
>> > I found thery interesting thing todays morning - the number of mysql logs
>> > become really strange:
>> > 
>> > root@samson:/spylog/logs > ls
>> > queries.log             update_log.-2147483635  update_log.-2147483640
>> > update_log.-2147483645
>> >             update_log.-2147483636  update_log.-2147483641
>> > update_log.-2147483646
>> > sent                    update_log.-2147483637  update_log.-2147483642
>> > update_log.-2147483647
>> > slow_queries.log        update_log.-2147483638  update_log.-2147483643
>> > update_log.-2147483648
>> > update_log.-2147483634  update_log.-2147483639  update_log.-2147483644
>> > update_log.425
>> > 
>> > as you see the logs have huge negative numbers which is really bad :(
>> > 
>> > Hope there would be no need in update logs since 3.23.15 as it will have
> the
>> > replication capatabilites made better but still this is probably a bug...
>> > 

sinisa> HI!

sinisa> This is a known behaviour. 

Unfortunately no one has informed me about this :(
The only I know that this may happen is if someone has created a file
that starts with 'update_log.-'
Are you sure you haven't at any time created a file yourself that
starts with 'update_log.' ?

sinisa> There is an option for the startup of mysqld, but if you misuse #, you 
sinisa> can get those numbers. Try to start it from some lower number.

sinisa> We have had those questions on the list already.

In this case the easy fix is to start mysqld with an argument to
--log-update that is a filename with an extension;  In this case
mysqld will not generate a new name but only reuse the old one.
The manual section 'The update log' includes a lot more information
about this topic.

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