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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 10 2000 4:44pm
Subject:Re: libmysql.c should #include errno.h, not sys/errno.h
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>>>>> "Nick" == Nick Johnson <njohnson@stripped> writes:


>> Description:
Nick> A signal can interrupt the select statement in mysql_real_connect() from
Nick> libmysqlclient (libmysql.c).  This can cause a timeout to be reported
Nick> although there is still time remaining.

Nick> I think it makes sense to restart this select because its timeout can 
Nick> be controlled by the programmer through mysql_options().


Applied;  Thanks!


PS: Sorry that we missed this in the first place;  The problem is that I
    left the mysql@stripped list about 3 months ago to get more
    development time and we put instead some of our developers to monitor
    the mysql lists ;  Somehow your patch wasn't noticed and forward
    to me :(  We shall try to ensure that this doesn't happen again!

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