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From:Philip Brown Date:March 23 2000 12:30pm
Subject:Fatal bug in Win 3.22.33 crashes mysqld-nt
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Platform: Reproduced on Windows 2000 single cpu and Windows NT4SP5 dual
MySQL version: 3.22.33 crashes, 3.22.32 OK and 3.23.13a also OK
Behaviour: Using ORDER BY causes server to crash on mysql 3.22.33 on
tables with more than one row.

The following script shows the problem:

create table test (id integer primary key, name char(40));
insert into test values (1, 'A');
insert into test values (2, 'B');
select * from test;
select * from test order by id;

The first query succeeds, the second crashes the server.
This is new behaviour introduced with 3.22.33 as far as I can determine.
A table with fewer than 2 rows does not show the problem.

Copy of C:/my.cnf:

# The MySQL server
set-variable = key_buffer=16M
set-variable = max_allowed_packet=1M
set-variable = thread_stack=128K
set-variable = flush_time=1800
set-variable = tmp_table_size=128M

# Uncomment the following row if you move the MySQL distribution to another
# location
basedir = h:/progra~1/mysql/
datadir = i:/transact/database

Fatal bug in Win 3.22.33 crashes mysqld-ntPhilip Brown23 Mar