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From:Oscar Stiffelman Date:February 7 2000 8:54pm
Subject:mysql exits periodically, no error messages or explanation
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Every minute or so, I add about 400 rows to a mysql database using
mm.mysql.jdbc-2.0pre4.  After about 3 days of this, the database exits
with no explanation.  It just says "mysqld ended" in the host.err file. 

I am running mysql version 3.22.30 on Linux compiled from sources.

The machine is a dual PIII 500MHZ (SMP) running kernel 2.2.13, and

The database has a large number of rows (~6 million), but the crashes
were appearing when it was only around .5 million rows.

The ISM file is about 200 MB, and the ISD file is about 130 MB.

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mysql exits periodically, no error messages or explanationOscar Stiffelman7 Feb