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From:Marc Seefeldt Date:March 1 2000 7:31am
Subject:[Fwd: Bug?]
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Hi there,

i am working with MySQL 3.22.27 and Python 1.5.2 (MySQLmodule 1.4).

This module is using the function mysql_fetch_field_direct which is
defined in the reference manual as:

MYSQL_FIELD *mysql_fetch_field_direct(MYSQL_RES *result, unsigned int

In mysql.h it is defined as:

#define mysql_fetch_field_direct(res,fieldnr) (&(res)->fields[fieldnr])

In an older revision the first & before res was not there. The module
relies on the
older revision so i wonder if this is a mistake or if the source has
been changed
on purpose.

The module is using the function in the following way:

static PyObject *
     MYSQL_RES *res;
    int i;
    MYSQL_FIELD *tf;
        tf = &(mysql_fetch_field_direct(res, i));

My C reading is pretty bad so i need your help: Should i change the
source code of the
module or of MySQL.

Many thanks,
[Fwd: Bug?]Marc Seefeldt1 Mar