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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 25 2000 4:49pm
Subject:Documentation Bug
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>>>>> "jason" == jason king <jason@stripped> writes:

jason> there's a documentation bug in the distributed and online manual.html .. it's
jason> in section 7.4.8 in the following context

mysql> select IF(strcmp('test','test1'),'yes','no');
-> 'no'

jason> the `if' example using strcmp was done the wrong way round - implying that
jason> strcmp('test','test1') returns 0 .. ye olde beginner C programmer mistake ;)

jason> here's the diff output for patching

jason> 15565c15565
jason> <         -&#62; 'no'
jason> ---
>> -&#62; 'yes'


Documentation Bugjason king25 Feb
  • Documentation BugMichael Widenius26 Feb