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From:Thimble Smith Date:June 27 2000 3:35pm
Subject:Re: mysql bugreport
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On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 06:25:51AM -0700, ulrich metzger wrote:
> To: mysql@stripped
> Subject: [bug in funktion concat()]
> >Description:
> 	<in several cricumstances the use of concat() returns
> empty values when one of the concated fields 
>          is empty (the last one) this does not happen
> when mysql Version 3.22.XX is used>
> >How-To-Repeat:
> 	<we have tree tables involved in one query:
> table bezug
> table artikel
> table adressen
> select bezug.*,concat(artikel.bezeichnung,'
> ',artikel.beschreibung) as bez from bezug,artikel
> where  artikel.artikel_nr=bezug.artikel_nr 
> the funny thing is, that some rows show results in
> column "bez" but some others do not. the column
> artikel.bezeichnung has values on every row the column
> artikel.beschreibung has only empty rows!  

Ulrich, thank you for the bug report.  However, it is not something
we can use, because you haven't given any real example that we can
reproduce.  Can you give us something like:

    a set of create table statements +
    a set of insert statements +
    a select that demonstrates the problem .

Without knowing the contents of the bezug, artikel and adressen
tables, we can't tell what might be going on.

We look forward to more information, so that we can identify and
fix this problem.

Thank you,

Tim Smith   < tim@stripped >  :MySQL Development Team:  Boone, NC  USA.
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