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From:Peter Zaitsev Date:May 25 2004 4:13pm
Subject:Re: MySQL InnoDB vs MaxDB / SAP DB
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On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 09:13, Uzi Klein wrote:
> Hello
> We currently  run mysql 4.0.14 in MyISAM table format.
> Server config :
> Dual P-3 600
>  6 SCSI drives 10,000 RPM using RAID 5 Array.
> OS :
> RedHat Linux 9.
> We just realized we really need the adnvaned futures of InnoDB or MaxDB/SAP DB.
> What would it takes (System preformance, code optimization etc.) to do such un
> upgrade,
> and what would you sugest as the most stable / reliable database / table format to
> suit our needs?
> (what we really lack right now is the use of foreign keys and replications).

Hi Uzi Klein,

I would suggest to go with Innodb first especially as you're already
using MyISAM. In most cases migration to Innodb is seamless - you just
configure MySQL to use this table type and run ALTER TABLE to convert
table format.  

This way you will still be able to use almost all data types functions
etc which MyISAM has. 

MySQL/Innodb also has much larger user base compared to MaxDB.

Peter Zaitsev, Senior Support Engineer

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