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From:Peter Zaitsev Date:April 7 2004 3:51am
Subject:Re: Why MySQL is used instead of MaxDB?
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On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 03:05, pratik.ajmera@stripped wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I am working on a pilot project that will introduce open source
> databases in my organisation.
> In my search I have found that MySQL and MaxDB both are open source
> databases, but MaxDB is being used very less in comparison to MySQL.
> If I link this with the fact that MaxDB provides many advanced
> features that MySQL dowsn't provide, first question that hits my mind
> is why is it so?
> Why MySQL is used more in comparison to MaxDB????
> I am unable to find any genuine reason behind this, hope you can help
> me out!!!!

First, both are excellent db's.

There are tradeoffs in features and complexity versus ease of use, rapid
time to market, and the highest performance possible.  MaxDB has many
advanced features, but features in any db creates more overhead, can
impact performance rather than less feature rich environments, and
prompts the need for higher cost hardware, support and admin personnel
to manage and maintain the more complex db environment.  Yet, some
applications require the advanced features and thus it makes sense to
use that environment.

We encourage choosing the right db for the right job.  MySQL for
commodity, less feature intensive environments, and MaxDB for more
complex environments that require more features (ERP for example).

Peter Zaitsev, Senior Support Engineer

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