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From:Peter Zaitsev Date:June 10 2003 1:29pm
Subject:Re: mySQL and asp NET performance
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On Tue, 2003-06-10 at 16:15, Rodolphe Toots wrote:
> hi!
> this is my first post to the mailinglist
> so maybe someone has asked this before
> i am wondering how mySQL will perform on a win2K server with asp .NET
> and the myODBC driver compared to MS SQL 2000 server?
> i am planning on building a community web site where hopingly i will
> have c couple of thousands users online at the same time

Dear Rodolphe,

We have not done any benchmarks on .NET ourselves yet,
But I've cc'd to Venu, our ODBC/.NET expert and he can comment about
performance issues you might expect using such connection.

> there will be a numerous forums and guestbooks so the DB activity will
> be pretty high
> i have read that mySQL is a very fast database but that is only true
> when it comes to mySQL on linux machines...

Actually MySQL is pretty fast on Windows as well. Very large group of
our users are Windows users.

Take a look at these independent benchmarks done by Eweek

> i would very much appreciate all your opinions about this
> is there anyone who has made something like what i want to do here?
> /Rewdboy
Peter Zaitsev, Full-Time Developer

Are you MySQL certified?

mySQL and asp NET performanceRodolphe Toots10 Jun
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