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From:Peter Zaitsev Date:November 20 2003 4:55pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Read/Write efficiency?
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On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 11:55, Muhammad Waseem Arfi wrote:
> Dear members,
> I am running MySQL Server on windows NT/2000 platform version 3.23.39-
> nt. My development environment is Visual C++. I have to extensively use 
> mysql connection to write data to my hard disk. Whenever, I perform a 
> write operation my CPU utilization becomes 100% at once and it remains 
> there untill I am back after writing the required data to the hard disk.
> Can I improve the efficiency of CPU while writing data to my hard disk? 
> Can someone please shed some light on it or give me some guidelines?

Dear Muhammad,

At first I shall ask you to use the recent MySQL version. The one you're
using is over 2 years old.  MySQL 4.0 is recommended but MySQL 3.23
would also work.

Also I do not understand what is the problem - which exactly "write"
commands result in 100% CPU usage.  Is this CPU usage is in MySQL server
or in your application ?

Please remember to provide detailed information about problem you're
facing in order we'll be able to help you.

Peter Zaitsev, Full-Time Developer

Are you MySQL certified?

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