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From:Peter Zaitsev Date:August 31 2005 8:56pm
Subject:Re: Scheduling Performance
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On Thu, 2005-08-25 at 18:30 -0700, Matt Roper wrote:
> Hi, I'm doing some research on user-level thread scheduling and was
> hoping to use MySQL as one of my test applications to measure the impact
> of various thread scheduling strategies.  I'm now looking for a suitable
> benchmark suite to measure how MySQL performs with various schedulers in
> place.  A few things that I've already looked at:

>  * The benchmark provided in the sql-bench/ directory of the MySQL
>    distribution appears to be entirely sequential and doesn't measure
>    the performance of MySQL with a large number of concurrent users, so
>    it isn't really suitable for evaluating thread schedulers.


>  * Supersmack (which appears to no longer have a website???) looks like
>    a great tool for measuring the performance of MySQL under a large
>    load, but the provided example smack files only perform simple
>    queries/updates against a simple schema.  It seems like Supersmack
>    would be an excellent tool if I could find or write some smack files
>    that used schemas/query barrels/datasets that were more
>    representative of real-world applications.
> The reason I'm so interested in a benchmark that makes use of a more
> complex schema, query set, and data set is because my work deals with
> application-specific thread schedulers.  In the case of MySQL, I'd like
> to examine, for example, how performance is affected when the thread
> scheduler takes into account things like the number of table locks that
> a handler thread holds.  If I use a simple benchmark that performs
> simple queries/updates against a single table, it makes scheduling based
> on attributes such as lock count a lot less interesting.
> Could anyone suggest a benchmark suite that might fit my needs?  I
> suppose I could use Supersmack and try to create smack files that
> mimic the workloads and query sets of websites like Slashdot or
> LiveJournal that make their code available, but it would be nice if I
> could find something that people already use for these types of
> benchmarks.

I would also take a look at SysBench and DBT2.   SysBench has decent
number of queries which you can mix into transactions. DBT2 is the TPC-C
implementation so it should be real world like benchmark.

Please let us know as you have some results. 

Peter Zaitsev, Senior Performance Engineer

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