Threads for Nov 2009

Mysqldump produces bad sql on 5.1.39 "OS X" PPC 64-bitmessageRené Fournier22 Nov
Bug in mysqldump? (ERROR 1300)messagesRené Fournier, Rafal Somla20 Nov
Defect backup images for Bug#47804messagesIngo Strüwing, Charles Bell13 Nov
HLS approved: WL#5046 - Online Backup: Pluggable Storage ModulesmessagesRafal Somla, Andreas Almroth, Ingo Strüwing6 Nov
WL#5046 - backup storage modules - error reporting.messageMats Kindahl5 Nov
sloppy commitsmessageIngo Strüwing3 Nov
WL#4056: Pluggable storage modules for backupmessageRafal Somla3 Nov
RFC: WL#5046 - error reportingmessagesRafal Somla, Andreas Almroth, Ingo Strüwing3 Nov
*** DEAD *** processes and Linux Kernel Oops with mysqldump and some other processesmessagelisa3 Nov