Threads for Oct 2009

WL#5046 - backup storage modules - error reporting.messageRafal Somla27 Oct
RFC: WL#5046 - error reporting11 messagesAndreas Almroth, Ingo Strüwing, Ingo Strüwing, Rafal Somla24 Oct
RFC: WL#5046 - handling possible errors when storage session isinitialized.messagesIngo Strüwing, Rafal Somla24 Oct
WL#5046 (pluggable storage modules) - how to request encryptionmessagesAndreas Almroth, Rafal Somla22 Oct
WL#5046 (pluggable storage modules) - HLS updated.messagesIngo Strüwing, Rafal Somla22 Oct
WL#5046 (PLuggable Storage Modules) - HLS updated12 messagesAndreas Almroth, Ingo Strüwing, Ingo Strüwing, Rafal Somla14 Oct
MyBRM in backup kernel (RE: Dissertation project and MySQL backupextension)messageRafal Somla14 Oct
WL#4056: Pluggable storage modules for backupmessagesAndreas Almroth, Ingo Strüwing, Rafal Somla13 Oct
Merge Captain Takeover ReportmessagesIngo Strüwing, Rafal Somla2 Oct