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From:Rafal Somla Date:October 27 2009 1:48pm
Subject:WL#5046 - backup storage modules - error reporting.
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Hi Mats,

I am working on a design for backup storage modules (WL#5046). One of the 
aspects of the design is how errors from the modules are reported to the 
module user and then to the final mysqld user. Perhaps you have some ideas 
on that or can provide pointers. I think you were thinking about our plugin 
infrastructure and perhaps considered error reporting as well. One 
particular problem I don't have a good solution for is how to get 
internationalized error descriptions from a module in a correct language.

WL#5046 - backup storage modules - error reporting.Rafal Somla27 Oct
  • Re: WL#5046 - backup storage modules - error reporting.Mats Kindahl5 Nov