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From:Rafal Somla Date:October 22 2009 12:40pm
Subject:WL#5046 (pluggable storage modules) - how to request encryption
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Hi Again,

I'm afraid I misunderstood Ingo's suggestion of how to specify 
native/internal compression and did not describe it correctly in HLS 
(alternative A2). Looks like now we have 3 alternatives around:

a) Compression specified using WITH COMPRESSION clause only. Backup kernel 
negotiates compression with BSM as described in the HLS.

b) Compression specified using location string only. Backup kernel never 
does compression and don't care about it.

c) User can request compression either using WITH COMPRESSION clause or in 
the location string. In the former case, the built-in gzip compression is 
used. In the latter, BSM handles compression transparently to the kernel.

Option a) is what I use in my design proposal. Option b) is described as 
alternative A2. Option c) is not described in HLS right now.

To simplify, I'm thinking about giving up option b) now and considering only 
  options a) and c) in further discussions. My question is to Andreas - are 
you OK with that or want to keep option b) as well?

WL#5046 (pluggable storage modules) - how to request encryptionRafal Somla22 Oct
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