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From:Rafal Somla Date:October 22 2009 9:45am
Subject:WL#5046 (pluggable storage modules) - HLS updated.
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I've updated HLS for BSM framework based on our recent discussions. I added 
some clarifications and described in more detail how compression will be 
handled. I incorporated Andreas' suggestion that BSM can request raw data 
from a client.

I added the idea of requesting compression through the location string as an 
alternative design. Also, Ingo's suggestion to simplify "write bytes" interface.

Note that HLS represents design which I propose. Any alternatives which I 
have not (yet) bought, are listed as such in the "Alternatives" section.

The next action for this is still on me - I want to propose some solution 
for error handling and reporting. I hope to have a proposal for discussion 
by the end of this week.

As usual, please send me your comments and suggestions. Sorry that replying 
to them takes long time. I'll send replies to your latest comments shortly 
after this email.

WL#5046 (pluggable storage modules) - HLS updated.Rafal Somla22 Oct
  • Re: WL#5046 (pluggable storage modules) - HLS updated.Ingo Strüwing23 Oct