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From:Ingo Strüwing Date:September 8 2009 9:04am
Subject:Can we make backup_row_size a "big" test?
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Hi Hema,

Can we please make backup_row_size a "big" test?

To run backup_row_size successfully on my machine, I need to increase
the per-process memory limit to 4GB! The consequence is that some
(many?) other tests do also allocate that much memory. When I run many
in parallel, my machine runs into heavy swapping.

Long since I limit the memory per process to 1GB. This allows me to run
three tests with MTR_PARALLEL=4 each without any problems on my machine.
 I can work normally in parallel. Sometimes I even run two of these 3*4
test bundles without problems.

When I experienced "out of memory" problems with backup_row_size, I
increased the memory per process in steps until it succeeded. I ended up
in 4GB. But since I set that value, a single 3*4 test bundle makes
working on my machine impossible, and the tests experience a lot of lock
timeouts. So I would like to reduce to 1GB again.

That means, that backup_row_size will always fail on my machine, unless
we agree to make it a "big" test. Then it won't run with the normal
tests, but can be run with daily or weekly tests.

If you agree, I can push the required change with the next merge main->team.

Ingo Strüwing, Database Group
Sun Microsystems GmbH, Sonnenallee 1, D-85551 Kirchheim-Heimstetten
Geschäftsführer: Thomas Schröder,   Wolfgang Engels,   Wolf Frenkel
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Can we make backup_row_size a "big" test?Ingo Strüwing8 Sep