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From:Shawn Green (MySQL) Date:October 13 2010 2:20pm
Subject:Re: Incremental Backup Script
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On 10/13/2010 9:18 AM, kranthi wrote:
> Hi
>          Please be send sample incremental backup script (bash Shell script
> Easy to understand)
> Thanks&  Regards,
> Kranthikiran

I think you missed the points of the previous replies.

MySQL does not do incremental backups the the same way that other RDBMS 
products you may be familiar with. You can take full backups (all of the 
tables and all of the data) and partial backups (some of the tables or 
some of the data). With those, you can combine the contents of the 
Binary Log Files to provide yourself with the ability to perform a 
point-in-time-recovery (PITR). Which  combination of backup techniques 
(and there are multiple techniques) you use depends on your hardware, 
software, and operational requirements.

Please read the fine manual for more details:

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