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From:asmith varma Date:September 30 2010 5:36pm
Subject:backup and restoration
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database size : 100gb
storage engine : innodb
backup using mysqldump
restoration time : >5days

1.when iam restoring the database of 100gb it is taking more than 5days to
restore everything.could some one tell me how can i minimize this time?are
there any parameters I can tune to minimize this process?
2.when checking the table type after restoring it is showing the table type
as Myisam, but dump file has all the table are in innodb.Why the table type
has changed after restoration?
3.when restoring the schema from the schema.dump file iam getting an error
like this
*ERROR 1166 (42000) at line 2786: Incorrect column name 'CAST( GROUP_CONCAT(
CONCAT(column_name) ORDER BY columns',')'*

Could someone please give your thoughts

shreyas varma

backup and restorationasmith varma30 Sep