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From:Ingo Strüwing Date:February 3 2010 5:19pm
Subject:Is it ok to backport changes to mysys/array.c?
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Hi Runtime-Team,

one backup test relies on the ability of dynamic arrays to do a memory
allocation for every insert.

In 6.0 this could be done by setting initial allocation to 0 and
allocation increment to 1. This capability had been introduced by

In 5.6 it is still so that an initial allocation is always done. The
first insert into a dynamic array does never cause a memory allocation
(unless the initial attempt failed). This makes testing more complicated.

Do you agree with backporting of the above mentioned patch? However, I
would port only the changes to dynamic arrays. The changes to deadlock
detection presume files, which would need to be added by porting one or
more other patches.

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Is it ok to backport changes to mysys/array.c?Ingo Strüwing3 Feb