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From:Rafal Somla Date:January 12 2010 11:22am
Subject:Re: DBUG and DEBUG_SYNC are independent
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Hi Ingo,

Thanks for clarifying this - I though that DEBUG_SYNC is active only in 
debug builds but you explained that this is not the case.

Ingo Strüwing wrote:
> Why has this been commented out in 5.6? The sync point
> "before_execute_sql_command" is used in backup_bml_not_falcon and
> backup_bml. Both are marked as "hang" or "timeout" in the backport test
> failures table.

Good question. Have I done this (I don't think so)? Also, as far as I 
remember, my intention was that this synchronisation point is always hit 
whenever an SQL statement is executed - don't know why an exception is made 

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