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From:Rafal Somla Date:December 3 2009 1:59pm
Subject:Re: HUGE Database backup/import
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Whether copying database dir will work or not depends on the storage engine 
you use to store your data. If it is MyISAM (the default) then I think it 
should work. It might also work for other engines. But I don't have 
practical experience with this. You might find useful information here:


Steven Staples wrote:
> Hi there.   I just subscribed to this list, but I have a few questions.
> I have been running a MySQL server on my desktop, to import a LOT of data,
> so that I don't bog down the server (it's been running the import for about
> 12 days, and I have another 12 or so to go).   My question is putting this
> onto the server where it will be hosted.   I've done some preliminary tests,
> and it seems like I can just copy the files into the
> /var/lib/myql/{database}/ directory on the server (which is running Debian,
> and my desktop is XP) and it seems to work just fine.
> Is this a good way to do it?   Or should I run the mysqldump commands, and
> then mysqlimport?
> My other question, is doing the actual backups.   There are at least 150-200
> tables in the database, that for the most part, only 2 or so should be
> updated, but there is hte possibility that more tables can get created, and
> the others could be updated, so backing them up could be a very long
> process.   Would it be ok to just 'copy' the files at specified intervals,
> and then make backups from that?  (rename the database and then run all the
> mysqlbackup commands on there) or could there be a problems with file
> locking if there is an insert going on at that time?
> I am just trying to have the least amount of interruptions or locking of the
> tables as possible, as this is a fairly important database.
> I am sure that one of the comments will be to create a cluster, and then
> stop the sync on the slave, and then do the backups, and then start the
> slave back up once it's done, right?
> Sorry to be such a scattered typer, my brains been fried for the past month
> or so writing stored procedures and stored functions... lol!
> Steven Staples
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