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From:Rafal Somla Date:November 23 2009 8:24am
Subject:Re: Bug in mysqldump? (ERROR 1300)
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Hi Rene,

To me it looks unlikely that mysqldump makes mistake in this single row only 
and not anywhere else. I would rather suspect corruption in the dump file. I 
suggest that you try if you can repeat this problem by doing the dump again. 
If this is repeatable, then you can report a bug at 
and then it will be taken care off.


René Fournier wrote:
> I've been using automysqlbackup 2.5 for years on a particular database, and it's
> always performed great. Recently, however, I've become encountering problems when trying
> to re-import one of its dumped sql files. (Not sure if it matters, but the database file
> in question is large and growing -- about 10GB. The other databases automysqlbackup backs
> up are fine.)
> Basically on the import, MySQL fails and returns an error indicating a problem with
> the dump file:
> mysql -u root -p < dump_file.sql  (~10GB) 
> Enter password: 
> ERROR 1300 (HY000) at line 426: Invalid utf8 character string: '?03422'
> Sure enough, I look at the line in dump_file.sql, which should contain two unsigned
> ints, and two unsigned small ints:
> 	[...],(32562206,1228?03422,1641,135),[...]
> And yup, there's a question mark in the middle of the second unsigned int, for some
> strange reason. Not in any of the other rows in that statement. When I look at the
> existing database from which the dump file was made, that row is fine:
> mysql> SELECT * FROM bandwidth WHERE id = 32562206;
> +----------+------------+-----------+-------+
> | id       | time_sec   | device_id | bytes |
> +----------+------------+-----------+-------+
> | 32562206 | 1228803422 |      1641 |   135 |
> +----------+------------+-----------+-------+
> 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
> So... It appears either mysqldump and/or automysqlbackup is having a problem dumping
> a true copy of the database.
> Anyone else run into this sort of thing? Any suggestions? Thanks.
> ...Rene
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