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From:Murthy Narkedimilli Date:June 23 2014 6:24pm
Subject:MySQL Utilities 1.5.0 Alpha has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

This is the Alpha release for Utilities 1.5. MySQL Utilities version 1.5.0
is compatible with MySQL Server versions 5.1 and greater, but should work
with earlier versions (greater than v4.1). Python v2.6 and v2.7 are 

In addition to server utilities, MySQL Utilities also contains
MySQL Fabric: a framework for managing a collection of MySQL servers.
MySQL Fabric is deployed as a separate service daemon that contains
support for high-availability and sharding.

The management framework maintains a database of the routing and
state information for the servers making up the system and provides
an easy-to-use command line interface for adding, removing and
organizing servers.

High-availability is provided by continuously monitoring the servers
and executing slave promotion when the master crashes and just as
importantly automatically updates the state and routing information
that gets messages to the right server.

MySQL Fabric comes with built-in support for sharding either using
ranges or consistent hashing and supports the sharding of multiple
tables to ensure that rows with matching sharding keys are stored
in the same shard. MySQL Fabric also contains support for global
tables that are duplicated on all shards as well as the ability to
synchronize schema updates across all of the servers.

To provide high performance and avoid latency, transactions are
directly routed by Fabric-aware connectors rather than routing via
an external proxy. The connectors dispatch transactions to the
correct shard, perform load-balancing, and handle read-write
splitting. Currently there exists Fabric-aware versions of
Connector/Python, Connector/Java, and Connector/PHP (through a
Fabric-aware mysqlnd_ms plugin).

MySQL Utilities v1.5.0 is available for download from

A brief summary of changes is listed below. Please check the
CHANGES.txt file inside the distribution for a more complete list
of changes.

Changes in Release 1.5

Changes in MySQL Utilities 1.5.0 (2014-06-23, Alpha)

    Functionality Added or Changed

      * All MySQL Utilities that connect to a MySQL server now support
        SSL certificates for creating a secure connection. Configured
        certificates can be set by the MySQL Configuration Utility
        (using mysql_config_editor to generate .mylogin.cnf), or from
        the following new MySQL Utility options:

           + --ssl-ca=file_name -- The path to a file that contains a
             list of trusted SSL CAs.

           + --ssl-cert=file_name -- The name of the SSL certificate
             file in PEM format to use for establishing a secure

           + --ssl-key=file_name -- The name of the SSL key file in
             PEM format to use for establishing a secure connection.
        An error is emitted if attempts to use an SSL connection
        fails, when an option is missing, or if the provided files
        cannot be read.

    Bugs Fixed

      * When running some MySQL Utilities using Python v2.6 (the
        minimum supported version), an import error was thrown because
        OrderedDict was used. The options_parser module used this
        collection, but OrderedDict was introduced in Python v2.7. To
        continue supporting Python v2.6, the OrderedDict dependency
        was removed from the module, and replaced with a regular
        dictionary. (Bug #18914270)


The source distribution includes the manual pages for each utility under
the docs/ folder.

Reporting Bugs
We welcome and appreciate your feedback and bug reports:


On Behalf of the MySQL/ORACLE RE Team,

MySQL Utilities 1.5.0 Alpha has been releasedMurthy Narkedimilli23 Jun