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From:andy bang Date:May 30 2014 9:10pm
Subject:MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.11 has been released
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We are pleased to announce that MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.11 is now
available for download on the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site.  It
will also be available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud with the
June update in about 1 week.  MySQL Enterprise Monitor is a
commercial extension to the MySQL family of products.

This is a maintenance release that includes a few enhancements and
fixes a number of bugs.  You can find more information on the contents
of this release in the change log:
     (also included at the end of this note for convenience)

You will find binaries for the new release on My Oracle Support:

Choose the "Patches & Updates" tab, and then choose the "Product or
Family (Advanced Search)" side tab in the "Patch Search" portlet.

You will also find the binaries on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud
in approximately 1 week:

Choose "MySQL Database" as the Product Pack and you will find the
Enterprise Monitor along with other MySQL products.

Based on feedback from our customers, MySQL Enterprise Monitor (MEM)
3.0 offers many significant improvements over previous releases.
Highlights include:

o Policy-based automatic scheduling of rules and event handling
   (including email notifications) make administration of scale-out
   easier and automatic

o Enhancements such as automatic discovery of MySQL instances,
   centralized agent configuration and multi-instance monitoring
   further improve ease of configuration and management

o The new cloud and virtualization-friendly, "agent-less" design
   allows remote monitoring of MySQL databases without the need for any
   remote agents

o Trends, projections and forecasting - Graphs and Event handlers
   inform you in advance of impending file system capacity problems

o Zero Configuration Query Analyzer - Works "out of the box" with
   MySQL 5.6 Performance_Schema (supported by 5.6.14 or later)

o False positives from flapping or spikes are avoided using
   exponential moving averages and other statistical techniques

o Advisors can analyze data across an entire group; for example, the
   Replication Advisor can scan an entire topology to find common
   configuration errors like duplicate server UUIDs or a slave whose
   version is less than its master's

More information on the contents of this release is available here:

   What's new in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0?

   MySQL Enterprise Edition: Demos

   MySQL Enterprise Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

   MySQL Enterprise Monitor Change History

More information on MySQL Enterprise and the Enterprise Monitor can be
found here:

If you are not a MySQL Enterprise customer and want to try the Monitor
and Query Analyzer using our 30-day free customer trial, go to, or contact Sales at

If you haven't looked at 3.0 recently, please do so now and let us
know what you think.

Thanks and Happy Monitoring!

   - The MySQL Enterprise Tools Development Team


Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.11

Functionality Added or Changed

* The name of the agent is now displayed in the Delete Connection
   dialog for bad connections. (Bug #18361685)

* The help output has been improved. (Bug

* As of this release, the HTTP connection between Agent and Service
   Manager has a default timeout of 250 seconds for an attempted
   connection and 300 seconds for an established connection. It is
   possible to override these values in using the
   following parameters:

   a. http-connect-timeout-ms=N: Where N is the number of milliseconds
      to wait before timing-out a HTTP connection attempt.

   b. http-socket-timeout-ms=N: Where N is the number of milliseconds
      to wait before timing-out a HTTP socket read or write.

   If set to zero (0), no timeout is defined. Negative values are not

* The Problem Description text of the Binary Log Debug Information
   Disabled advisor was updated.

Bugs Fixed

* It was not possible to establish socket connections on x86-based
   Solaris systems. (Bug #18711927)

* The y-axis of the Slow Queries graph was incorrectly labelled
   Queries/Minutes. As of this release, it is correctly labelled
   Queries/Seconds. (Bug #18748920)

* The agent failed to restart if the backlog was corrupted. As of this
   release, the agent checks the status of the backlog on startup and,
   if the backlog is corrupted, backs it up to a directory.
   The agent logs the error and creates a new backlog, replacing the
   corrupted version. (Bug #18680916)

* The Service Manager did not automatically reflect Daylight Savings
   Time. (Bug #18384580)

* Agent queries failed if they were run on a MySQL instance with
   sql_mode="ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY". An error was returned.

   As of this release, the agent sets the sql_mode to
   checks to ensure sql_mode is set correctly. If sql_mode is not set,
   an error is logged. (Bug #18308706)

* The agent did not read the master-file-info parameter of a
   replication slave's configuration. As a result, the slave was not
   displayed in the MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface. (Bug
MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0.11 has been releasedandy bang30 May