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From:Hery Ramilison Date:May 13 2014 10:22am
Subject:MySQL Connector/Python 1.1.7 has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Python 1.1.7 is a new version of the pure Python
database driver for MySQL.

MySQL Connector/Python version 1.1 is compatible with MySQL Server
versions 5.5 and greater, but should work with earlier versions
greater than 4.1. Python 2.6 and greater as well as Python 3.1 and
greater are supported. Python 2.4 and 2.5 are not supported.

MySQL Connector/Python 1.1.7 is available for download from

The ChangeLog file included in the distribution contains a brief summary
of changes in MySQL Connector/Python 1.1. For a more complete list of
changes, see below or online at:


The MySQL Connectors team at Oracle


Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 1.1.7 (2014-05-13)

Bugs Fixed

   * Commercial Debian Connector/Python packages included a
     copyright file containing a GPL license. (Bug #18422727)

   * In prepared statements, Unicode arguments in Python 2 and
     bytes arguments in Python 3 were causing errors, as were the
     symbols of character sets other than utf8 or ascii. (Bug
     #71482, Bug #18144971)

   * For Django, introspecting to get the primary key of MySQL
     tables could fail in Python 3. (Bug #72001, Bug #18380100)

On Behalf of the MySQL RE team at Oracle,
Hery Ramilison

MySQL Connector/Python 1.1.7 has been releasedHery Ramilison13 May