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From:laasya moduludu Date:February 1 2014 10:16am
Subject:MySQL Community Server 5.5.36 has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Server 5.5.36 is a new version of the 5.5 production release
of the world's most popular open source database. MySQL 5.5.36 is
recommended for use on production systems.

MySQL 5.5 includes several high-impact enhancements to improve the
performance and scalability of the MySQL Database, taking advantage of
the latest multi-CPU and multi-core hardware and operating systems. In
addition, with release 5.5, InnoDB is now the default storage engine for
the MySQL Database, delivering ACID transactions, referential integrity
and crash recovery by default.

MySQL 5.5 also provides a number of additional enhancements including:

      - Significantly improved performance on Windows, with various
        Windows specific features and improvements
      - Higher availability, with new semi-synchronous replication and
        Replication Heartbeat
      - Improved usability, with Improved index and table partitioning,
        SIGNAL/RESIGNAL support and enhanced diagnostics, including a new
        Performance Schema monitoring capability.

For a more complete look at what's new in MySQL 5.5, please see the
following resources:

MySQL 5.5 is GA, Interview with Tomas Ulin:


Whitepaper: What's New in MySQL 5.5:

If you are running a MySQL production level system, we would like to
direct your attention to MySQL Enterprise Edition, which includes the
most comprehensive set of MySQL production, backup, monitoring,
modeling, development, and administration tools so businesses can
achieve the highest levels of MySQL performance, security and uptime.

For information on installing MySQL 5.5.36 on new servers, please see
the MySQL installation documentation at

For upgrading from previous MySQL releases, please see the important
upgrade considerations at:

MySQL Database 5.5.36 is available in source and binary form for a
number of platforms from our download pages at:

The following section lists the changes in the MySQL source code since
the previous released version of MySQL 5.5. It may also be viewed
online at:


Changes in MySQL 5.5.36 (Not yet released)

    Functionality Added or Changed

      * CMake now supports a -DTMPDIR=dir_name option to specify the
        default tmpdir value. If unspecified, the value defaults to
        P_tmpdir in <stdio.h>. Thanks to Honza Horak for the patch.
        (Bug #68338, Bug #16316074)

    Bugs Fixed

      * InnoDB: Table renaming errors would appear in the LATEST
        output. (Bug #12762390, Bug #61746)

      * Partitioning: Queries using the index_merge optimization (see
        Index Merge Optimization
        on.html)) could return invalid results when run against tables
        that were partitioned by HASH. (Bug #17588348, Bug #70588)

      * Partitioning: When no partition had returned a row since the
        last HA_ERR_KEY_NOT_FOUND error, the use of uninitialized
        memory in the priority queue used for returning rows in sorted
        order could lead to a crash of the server. (Bug #17401628)

      * Replication: mysqlbinlog --verbose failed when it encountered
        a corrupt row event in the binary log. Such a row event could
        also cause the slave to fail. (Bug #17632978)
        References: See also Bug #16960133.

      * Replication: When log_warnings is greater than 1, the master
        prints binary log dump thread information---containing the
        slave server ID, binary log file name, and binary log
        position---in mysqld.1.err. A slave server ID greater than 2
        billion was printed with a negative value in such cases. (Bug
        #17641586, Bug #70685)

      * Replication: Invalid event offsets in the binary log were not
        always handled correctly, which could lead to replication
        failure. (Bug #16736412, Bug #69087)

      * The cache used for the Index Merge access method was freed
        only after successful retrieval of all rows. Interruption or
        failure of the operation led to a file descriptor leak. (Bug

      * For utf8 and utf8mb4 strings, handler functions unnecessarily
        called a Unicode conversion function. (Bug #14057034)

      * Use of a nonmulti-byte algorithm for skipping leading spaces
        in multi-byte strings could cause a server exit. (Bug

      * For the utf8_bin collation, ORDER BY LOWER(col_name) could
        produce incorrect ordering. (Bug #69005, Bug #16691598)

      * On Windows, the --local-service server option did not work,
        and was not displayed in the --help message. (Bug #69637, Bug

      * The prototype of the Performance Schema instrumentation API
        mysql_cond_timedwait() call was fixed to be drop-in compatible
        with pthread_cond_timedwait(). This fix affects only
        implementers of third-party plugins. (Bug #70628, Bug

      * For the path specified with the --basedir option, mysql_plugin
        attempted to unlink the path rather than free the memory in
        which the path was stored. (Bug #69752, Bug #17168602)

      * COUNT(DISTINCT) sometimes produced an incorrect result when
        the last read row contained a NULL value. (Bug #68749, Bug
        #16539979, Bug #71028, Bug #17867117)

      * Some scripts displayed out-of-date information regarding where
        to report bugs. (Bug #68742, Bug #16530527)

      * Updating a FEDERATED table with UPDATE... JOIN caused a server
        exit when the local table contained a single row and that row
        could be joined to a row in the FEDERATED table. (Bug #68354,
        Bug #16324629)

      * mysql_install_db referred to the obsolete mysqlbug script for
        reporting problems. It now refers to
        instead. (Bug #29716, Bug #11746921)

On Behalf of Oracle/MySQL RE Team,
Laasya Moduludu

MySQL Community Server 5.5.36 has been releasedlaasya moduludu3 Feb