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From:Andrew Morgan Date:May 1 2013 7:56am
Subject:MySQL Utilities 1.3.1 (beta/DMR 1) Released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Utilities 1.3.1 has been released as a standalone Development Milestone Release (DMR
1) - it was previously only available within the MySQL WorkBench GUI. Note that as a
beta/DMR, this release has not yet been declared Generally Available (GA) and so should
not be used in production environments.

MySQL Utilities 1.3.1 is available as a Windows Installer and an RPM archive from - the source code can also be downloaded
from there.

MySQL Utilities provides a collection of command-line utilities that are used for
maintaining and administering MySQL servers, including:
   * Admin Utilities (Clone, Copy, Compare, Diff, Export, Import)
   * Replication Utilities (Setup, Configuration)
   * General Utilities (Disk Usage, Redundant Indexes, Search Meta Data)
   * And many more

To Learn More about MySQL Utilities refer to the on-line documentation at 

MySQL Utilities 1.3.1 includes all the changes and bug fixes applied since release of
1.3.0 which also includes changes that were applied to versions 1.2.1 and 1.2.2.

 Functionality Added or Changed

     * By design, the mysqlfrm utility would not execute as root.
       This restriction was removed, and a new --user option was added
       that specifies the MySQL user account that will execute the MySQL
       Server. The --user option is required when executing the command
       as root, as either su or sudo. 
     * The mysqlfrm utility would fail to read .frm files with dotted
       names, such as this.has.dots.frm. A workaround was to rename the
     * The mysqlfrm utility was added. It is designed as a recovery tool
       that reads .frm files and produces CREATE statements from the
       table definition data found in the file.
     * Support was added for reading port and socket associated with
       authentication credentials stored in an option file named
       .mylogin.cnf. See mysql_config_editor - MySQL Configuration
     * The failover operation was improved and now searches for any
       transactions on the slaves that have not been read from the relay
       log. Failover will now gather all of these events to the
       candidate slave before failover is complete. 
     * The switchover and failover external scripts now accept
       parameters from the utility. This permits custom scripts to
       execute application-specific operations during the process.

Bugs Fixed

      * On Microsoft Windows, and when sockets were not used,
        specifying a port that was already used on Microsoft Windows
        could cause the clone of a MySQL Server to fail when using the
        mysqlfrm utility. A workaround was to specify the --root-
        password option so that the cloned. MySQL Server could change
        the password. The specified port is now checked to ensure that
        it is free, otherwise the clone will fail with an exception.
        This fix impacts all utilities that handle MySQL Server
      * mysqlrpladmin will now generate a warning if the --master
        option is passed to it but not required, when before it would
        sometimes generate an error, depending on other circumstances.
        Passing in --discover-slaves-login will generate an error,
        because the master information is not available.
        The --slaves option is now required.
      * The replication utilities can now handle the IPv4 (
        and IPv6 ([::1]) loopback IP addresses, instead of only
        localhost as the generic hostname. 
      * The replication utilities will now check the slaves for errant
        transactions (these are transactions that only exist on one
        slave) prior to executing failover. For mysqlfailover this
        means generating a warning and only stopping if the --pedantic
        option is passed in, and for mysqlrpladmin this means
        generating an error, and halting execution unless the --force
        option is passed in. 
      * The MySQL Utilities library only partially supported IPv6.
        Valid values starting with :: were either parsed incorrectly
        or identified as invalid. 
      * Connection strings would not accept usernames or passwords
        that contained a hyphen ("-"). Using single or double quotes
        is now supported. For example, passing in
        --server="user:'pass@:-chars'@localhost" as a connection
        string to a MySQL Utility is now valid. 
      * mysqldiff and mysqldbcompare did not function on tables that
        contained a hyphen ("-") in their name, and these utilities
        would abort with unknown errors
      * Copyright and version information was added to the --help
        output for each utility.
      * Some source files were missing license and/or copyright
      * Errors for connection failures have been improved, as more
        details about the type of failure is presented. 
      * Utilities were enhanced to check the Python version required
        for each utility. 
      * Messages and handling of stop, start, and reset slaves has
        been improved for the mysqlrpladmin utility.
      * All interactive-specific exit() calls were replaced with the
        standard sys.exit() method. This conforms to the current
        Python standards.
      * Error handling for the mysqlreplicate utility was improved to
        check all errors on the slaves. 
      * The switchover operation with --demote-master now disconnects
        the new master from the old master to complete the move of the
        candidate slave to the new master. 
      * String quoting was improved for the mysqldbcopy,
        mysqldbexport, and mysqldbimport utilities. 
      * The log parser was changed to accept host names with dots or

Andrew Morgan - MySQL High Availability Product Management.

Andrew Morgan - MySQL High Availability Principal Product Manager

MySQL Utilities 1.3.1 (beta/DMR 1) ReleasedAndrew Morgan1 May