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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 19 1999 8:56am
Subject:Re: new MySQL client
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Harvey <pharvey@stripped> writes:

>> You can find this at

Peter> Monty,

Peter> The URL seems to be unavailible.

Peter> Peter

Sorry;  The correct url is of course:

If you are going to compile sqlclient from source, you will need the
/mysql++.64.1.1.b library from

I just got a mail that there is a small incompatibility in the above
mysql++ distribution.  To get sqlclient to compile on must cp
sqlclient-0.99/connection1.hh to mysql++.64.1.1.b/mysql++-int/ before
compiling and installing mysql++!

I will soon update the mysql++ distribution with this fix.

new MySQL clientMichael Widenius18 Apr
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