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From:Kent Boortz Date:August 9 2012 8:16am
Subject:MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.1 has been released
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Dear MySQL Users,

A new GA (general availability) version of MySQL Connector/C++ has
been made available: MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.1 GA. The MySQL
Connector/C++ provides a C++ API for connecting client applications to
the MySQL Server 5.1 or newer. You can download the production release

The MySQL driver for C++ offers an easy to use API derived from JDBC
4.0. MySQL Workbench is using it successfully since years.

We have improved the driver since the last GA release. Please see the
documentation and the CHANGES file in the source distribution for a
detailed description of bugs that have been fixed. The following
features and bug fixes have been added:

 * DatabaseMetaData::getSQLKeywords() updated to match MySQL 5.5. Note
   that C/C++, just like C/JDBC, returns the same list for every MySQL
   database version.

 * Added MySQL_Connection::getLastStatementInfo() which returns back
   the value of the mysql_info() function of the MySQL Client Library

 * Added new method ResultSetMetaData::isNumeric() and implemented it
   in all classes that subclass from it.

 * Fixed the bug causing compilation errors in Microsoft Visual Studio
   2010 if stdint.h was included. See

 * Fixed bug making statement that did not raise any warning to return
   warnings from previously executed statement.

 * Fixed stores(Lower|Mixed)Case(Quoted)Identifiers methods.

 * URI format has been extended to better fit IPv6 addresses. You now
   can use [] to separate host part of the URI.

 * Built against libmysql 5.5.27 enabling support of authentification
   plugins and IPv6.

You can find further details, including usages examples, in the
documentation at:

You may also want to contribute to the MySQL Forum on C/C++ at or join the MySQL Connector/C++
mailing list .

We welcome and appreciate your feedback and bug reports:


On behalf of the MySQL Build Team,
Kent Boortz

Kent Boortz, Release Staff engineer
Oracle, The MySQL Team
Mobile: +46 76 77 69 049
MySQL Connector/C++ 1.1.1 has been releasedKent Boortz9 Aug