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From:Sunanda Menon Date:April 7 2011 12:03pm
Subject:MySQL Community Server 5.5.11 has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL 5.5.11 is a new version of the 5.5 production release of the
world's most popular open source database. MySQL 5.5.11 is recommended
for use on production systems.

MySQL 5.5 includes several high-impact enhancements to improve the
performance and scalability of the MySQL Database, taking advantage of
the latest multi-CPU and multi-core hardware and operating systems. In
addition, with release 5.5, InnoDB is now the default storage engine for
the MySQL Database, delivering ACID transactions, referential integrity
and crash recovery by default.

MySQL 5.5 also provides a number of additional enhancements including:

    - Significantly improved performance on Windows, with various Windows
      specific features and improvements
    - Higher availability, with new semi-synchronous replication and
      Replication Heart Beat
    - Improved usability, with Improved index and table partitioning,
      SIGNAL/RESIGNAL support and enhanced diagnostics, including a new
      Performance Schema monitoring capability.

For a more complete look at what's new in MySQL 5.5, please see the
following resources:

MySQL 5.5 is GA, Interview with Tomas Ulin:


Whitepaper: What's New in MySQL 5.5:

If you are running a MySQL production level system, we would like to
direct your attention to MySQL Enterprise Edition, which includes the
most comprehensive set of MySQL production, backup, monitoring,
modeling, development, and administration tools so businesses can
achieve the highest levels of MySQL performance, security and uptime.

For information on installing MySQL 5.5.11 on new servers, please see
the MySQL installation documentation at

For upgrading from previous MySQL releases, please see the important
upgrade considerations at:

MySQL Database 5.5 is available in source and binary form for a number
of platforms from our download pages at:

Not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point in time, so if you
can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later or choose
another download site.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback, bug reports, bug fixes,
patches, etc.:

The following section lists the changes in the MySQL source code since
the previous released version of MySQL 5.5.  It may also be viewed
online at:


D.1.2. Changes in MySQL 5.5.11 (07 April 2011):

Functionality added or changed:

      * The undocumented SHOW NEW MASTER statement has been removed.

    Bugs fixed:

      * Partitioning: A problem with a previous fix for poor
        performance of INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statements on
        tables having many partitions caused the handler function for
        reading a row from a specific index to fail to store the ID of
        the partition last used. This caused some statements to fail
        with Can't find record errors. (Bug #59297, Bug #11766232)

      * On some systems, debug builds of comp_err.c could fail due to
        an uninitialized variable. (Bug #59906, Bug #11766729)

      * The server read one byte too many when trying to process an
        XML string lacking a closing quote (') or double quote (")
        character used as an argument for UpdateXML() or
        ExtractValue(). (Bug #59901, Bug #11766725)
        See also Bug #44332.

      * Aggregation followed by a subquery could produce an incorrect
        result. (Bug #59839, Bug #11766675)

      * mysqldump did not quote database names in ALTER DATABASE
        statements in its output, which could cause an error at reload
        time for database names containing a dash. (Bug #59398, Bug

      * If a multiple-table update updated a row through two aliases
        and the first update physically moved the row, the second
        update failed to locate the row. This resulted in different
        errors depending on storage engine, although these errors did
        not accurately describe the problem:


          MyISAM: Got error 134 from storage engine


          InnoDB: Can't find record in 'tbl'

        For MyISAM, which is nontransactional, the update executed
        first was performed but the second was not. In addition, for
        two equal multiple-table update statements, one could succeed
        and the other fail depending on whether the record actually
        moved, which is inconsistent.||
        Now such an update returns an error if it will update a table
        through multiple aliases, and perform an update that may
        physically more the row in at least one of these aliases. (Bug
        #57373, Bug #11764529, Bug #55385, Bug #11762751)

      * SHOW WARNINGS output following EXPLAIN EXTENDED could include
        unprintable characters. (Bug #57341, Bug #11764503)


On behalf of the MySQL Build Team,

Sunanda Menon

MySQL Community Server 5.5.11 has been releasedSunanda Menon7 Apr