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From:Jan Kneschke Date:September 13 2010 2:53pm
Subject:MySQL Proxy 0.8.1 has been released
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Dear MySQL Users,

We are pleased to announce MySQL Proxy 0.8.1, a alpha release.

It makes the admin plugin more useful by reporting better errors and explicitly enforces
the options --admin-username, --admin-password and --admin-lua-script. We also bundle 
a simple admin script that you can use as a starting-point for your own developments
in lib/admin.lua.



  * remove unix-socket on shutdown
  * fixed handling of LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE (#51864)
  * fixed mem-leak on connect for pre-4.1 clients
  * fixed initial error-packet sent to client if all backends are down (#45417)
  * don't try to set a fd-limit if the user didn't explicitly tried to raise it
  * fixed hard-limit in case the fdlimit is set (#48120)
  * fixed traversing a resultset in Lua if it contained NULL fields
  * strip the top_srcdir from the leading source filenames in log-messages

  SQL Tokenizer
  * fixed parsing of literals that start with a digit (#49716)
  * added parsing of floats in scientific notation

  Proxy Plugin
  * fixed query forwarding of time goes backwards (#50806)
  * allow to intercept LOAD DATA and SHOW ERROR commands

  Admin Plugin
  * removed the default values for --admin-username and --admin-password
  * enforce --admin-username, --admin-password and --admin-lua-script to be set
    if the admin plugin is loaded (#53429)

  * deprecated a unused network_mysqld_com_query_result_track_state()
  * deprecated chassis_set_fdlimit() in favour of chassis_fdlimit_set()
  * fixed thread-safety for network_address_set_address() (#49099)
  * split the chassis.c into chassis_frontend_*.c to allow custom frontends
  * added shutdown hooks to free the global memory of 3rd party libs like openssl
  * removed con->in_load_data_local

MySQL Proxy 0.8.1 has been releasedJan Kneschke13 Sep