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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 26 1999 10:01pm
Subject:Announce of Calistra ODBC MySQL Adminstrator
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As many of you know, the final version of the Calistra 
ODBC mySQL Administrator is now available. It is about 4MB in 
and contains a complete install.

There are many new features in this release. 
+ Index support is complete
+ Date and timestamps are now supported
+ The system tables (user, hosts and db) 
  have special administration screens.
+ We allow you to use system or user DSN's
+ If your mySQL engine is local, you can start mySQL from within
  the Calistra ODBC mySQL Administrator.
and there a quite a few more features and bug fixes.

When you visit the Calistra ODBC mySQL Administrator website
you will now notice that we offer online or fax registration 
by credit card. 

If you are using the Calistra ODBC mySQL Administrator, please 
do let us know - and tell us anything that you would like to 
see in a future version.

Quite a few people asked why we ask for your mailing address -
Good question! Habit I suppose. We already dropped the phone 
number fields from the download form. There is no way we are 
going to contact anybody by mail or phone!

We do like to know the countries to which our software is going -
just for our own satisfaction - and you cannot always tell from
the e-mail address.

Thanks for your attention
   Dave Appleton.

Calistra ODBC MySQL Adminstrator
Announce of Calistra ODBC MySQL AdminstratorMichael Widenius28 Mar