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From:Michael Widenius Date:February 14 2000 1:02pm
Subject:MySQL 3.22.32 released
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MySQL 3.22.32 fixes a couple of possible security holes in MySQL 3.22
and we strongly recommend everyone to upgrade to them.

Changes in release 3.22.32

   * Fixed problem when storing numbers in timestamps.

   * Fix problem with timezones that has half hour offsets.

   * `mysqlhotcopy' - fast on-line hot-backup utility for local *MySQL*
     databases. By Tim Bunce.

   * New more secure `mysqlaccess'; Thanks to Steve Harvey for this.

   * Fixed security problem in the protocol regarding password checking.

   * Fixed problem that affected queries that did arithmetic on GROUP

   * Fixed a bug in the `ISAM' code when delating rows on tables with
     packed indexes.

3.23.x will be released within a couple of days (We only have to check
that the new CHECK and REPAIR commands works properly before doing a release)

Note that if you get a file not found error when trying to download,
this just means that the mirror you are using is not yet up to date;
In this case wait a couple of hours and try again.

MySQL 3.22.32 releasedMichael Widenius14 Feb