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From:Kaj Arnö Date:March 14 2007 3:38pm
Subject:MySQL Conference & Expo Early Registration closes today
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Dear MySQL Users,

The early registration of the MySQL Conference & Expo 23-26 April 2007
closes today, 14 March 2007. So if you want to cut your attendance costs
by 200 US dollars, register now!


Here is a quick compilation of some web based information on the MySQL
Conference & Expo will feature:

About The MySQL Conference & Expo

The MySQL Conference & Expo will feature:

- Over 100 sessions for a wide range of skill levels
- Tutorials to help develop technical skills and learn new tricks
- More than 2000 MySQL developers, gurus, experts, and users under one roof
- Dozens of new tools and technologies from third party vendors in the
Expo Hall
- Birds of a Feather sessions, evening events, and networking opportunities.

Be a Part of a Learning Community

With more than a hundred sessions and tutorials led by MySQL developers
and open source experts who know their subject inside and out, you'll
gain unique insights from speakers who are using MySQL to successfully
run the world's most demanding applications, saving millions of dollars
over proprietary software and hardware solutions.

Come to the MySQL Conference & Expo to:

- Learn how to optimize the performance of MySQL
- Learn how MySQL fits into Web 2.0 architecture and emerging web
- Get detailed insight into new MySQL features
- Delve into new techniques around Stored Procedures, Partitioning, HA
Clustering, Triggers, and Views
- Learn Administration and Security Best Practices
- Develop skills for scale-out using PHP, LAMP, and Java
- Hear real world experiences implementing MySQL projects
- Discover best practices for using MySQL in a range of architectures
including Web, Cluster, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Embedded
applications, and more
- Migrate from proprietary databases to MySQL
- Participate and share ideas in evening BoF sessions
- Take advantage of this rare opportunity to meet face to face with a
huge cadre of engineers who are in the process of developing MySQL.
- Share ideas and get your toughest questions answered from MySQL
experts. Bring your team, your laptops, and leave with new insights in
how to build high performance scale-out applications using MySQL.

Why Attend

Four Days, One Roof, Unlimited Opportunities

Fast-paced sessions, a handshake with your programming hero, late night
hacking, a beer in the bar with someone you've only known via
email...the MySQL Conference & Expo packs a wealth of big ideas,
know-how, and connections into four concentrated days—and nights. You'll
be able to apply what you've learned immediately and be prepared for
what the future brings.

Inspirational Keynote Presentations

At the MySQL Conference & Expo, you'll benefit not just from gathering
with your peers and experts from a wide variety of companies and
countries, but also by learning from some of the leading visionaries in
the open source world. Hear what they have to say about the future of
software and the evolution of open source in the enterprise and beyond.

Get Certified at the Conference

Monday tutorials

- MySQL 5.1 In-depth, Brian Aker
- MySQL 5.0 DBA I Certification Primer, Sarah Sproehnle
- MySQL Cluster Certification Primer, Roland Bouman
- Managing Hierarchical Data in MySQL: The Extended Director's Cut, Mike
- Vital Rails: An Introduction to the Ruby on Rails Framework, Joe O'Brien
- Scaling and High Availability Architectures, Jeremy Cole
- MySQL Cluster: The Complete Tutorial, Part I, Stewart Smith
- MySQL Replication: The Complete Tutorial, Part I, John David Duncan &
  Mats Kindahl
- MySQL Network Monitoring and Advisory Services: from Soup to Nuts,
Andy Bang, Rob Young
- MySQL 5.0 DBA II Certification Primer, Kai Voigt
- MySQL Replication: The Complete Tutorial, Part II, Lars Thalmann
- Real-World MySQL Performance Tuning, Ask Bjørn Hansen, Jay Pipes
- MySQL Cluster: The Complete Tutorial, Part II, Stewart Smith
- Writing Your Own Storage Engine, Brian Aker
- Wikipedia: Site Internals, Configuration and Code Examples, and
Management Issues, Domas Mituzas

MySQL Conference & Expo Sessions
- Over 110 of them


- DotOrg Pavilion
- Expo Hall Reception
- MySQL Quiz Show
- Closing Keynote and Reception

- Diamond: Dell, HP, Red Hat, Solid, Zmanda
- Platinum: JasperSoft
- Gold: Actuate, BakBone, Continuent, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions,
Google, Infobright, Nitro Security, Oracle, Pentaho, Port 25, Sun
Microsystems, Ticketmaster, Unisys

Exhibit hall
- Actuate - Alfresco - Apache Friends - BakBone Software - Continuent -
Dell - - Dolphin Interconnect Solutions - Four J's -
Google - HP - Infobright - JasperSoft - Joomla! - Logicworks - Navicat -
  Nitro Security - Optaros - Pentaho - Phorum - phpMyAdmin - Red Hat -
Solid - Sun Microsystems - Ticketmaster - Unisys - Webyog - Zmanda

Convention Center, Hotel, and Travel Information
- Santa Clara Convention Center, 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa
Clara, CA 95054
- Hotel: The Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, Guest Room: $163.00

See & Do
- Golf & Tennis
- Apple Store
- Apple Headquarters -- get your "I visited the mothership." shirt
- Paramount's Great America
- Intel Museum
- Tech Museum of Innovation
- Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
- San Jose Museum of Art
- Children's Discovery Museum
- Plenty of restaurants

On a personal note, I'm looking forward to leading one of the keynotes:

- The Clash of the DB Egos, a provoked fight between some of the most
opinionated two-initials DB gurus the world has seen

I'd love to see you there!

Kaj Arnö <kaj@stripped>
MySQL AB, VP Community Relations, Munich, German

MySQL Conference & Expo Early Registration closes todayKaj Arnö14 Mar