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From:Lenz Grimmer Date:December 21 2006 10:27am
Subject:MySQL Administrator and Migration Toolkit bug finding contest results
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Dear MySQL users,

On 13. September we launched a competition to search for bugs in our two GUI
Tools, the MySQL Administrator and the MySQL Migration Toolkit.

Both tools were then released as Release Candidates, indicating all the serious
bugs were fixed, but we didn't want to declare anything stable just from our
own perspective. We recognize the huge value our community can provide us
through helping to verify our quality really is what users expect it to be.

The Bug-Search competition attracted a huge interest, and we are extremely
thankful for all the effort you made in helping out in this stabilization
initiative. During 3+ months we received about 150 MySQL Administrator bug
reports and almost 20 MySQL Migration Toolkit bug reports. Out of these we have
fixed all significant ones (all in all way over 120 bugfixes), and often your
detailed bug-reports made it much easier to dig down to the root cause of each

As we tracked the active bug-reporting and fixed all significant ones, we
noticed how the types of problems our users encountered gradually became less
and less severe. Consequently, at this point in time, we have now reached a
good feeling about the quality of the tools, and it feels great to trust the
quality of the two tools to the extent that we now can declare them production
quality and GA.

The new MySQL Administrator 1.2.8 and MySQL Migration Toolkit 1.1.8 are
included in the MySQL GUI Tools Bundle for 5.0 Release 8, and are now available
from our download pages at

At MySQL we are committed to quality, and we are glad for all the help you have
provided in making these important tools stable.

As promised we are rewarding some of the most active bug-submitters, and some
bug-submitters who demonstrated good quality in their bug reports and in the
follow up with us. The following persons will be sent an Apple iPod Nano, as a
small Christmas present, and as a demonstration of gratitude for the help we
got from all of you:

  * Heinz Schweitzer
  * Andreas Påhlsson
  * "Yahoo Serious"
  * Cezary Okupski
  * Mick Francis

Congratulations and thank you very much to you and all other bug-submitters!
Please keep up the good work — we appreciate it.

The MySQL Community Team and The MySQL GUI Team.

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 Lenz Grimmer <lenz@stripped>
 Community Relations Manager, EMEA
 MySQL GmbH,, Hamburg, Germany
 Visit the MySQL Forge at
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MySQL Administrator and Migration Toolkit bug finding contest resultsLenz Grimmer21 Dec