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From:Colin Charles Date:October 12 2006 1:58pm
Subject:ANNOUNCE: MySQL releases MySQLi Converter Tool
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Dear MySQL users,

The MySQL ext/mysqli Converter Tool is a collection of PHP scripts that
help you upgrade PHP applications using the old PHP mysql extensions to
using the newer PHP mysqli extension.

The old ext/mysql extension does not support the full functionality of
MySQL versions greater than 4.1, such as Store Procedures, Triggers,
Views, and much more. In order to use all the functions in the latest
MySQL server release (currently 5.0.26), you should be using the mysqli
extension that is available as of PHP 5.

The converter tool scans your application source code for mysql
extension function calls and constants and suggests compatible
expressions which use the mysqli extension. The result is an application
which uses only function calls of the newer mysqli extension. This is
the ideal basis for you to fine-tune the generated source code to make
use of the new features of the mysqli extension.

There are many advantages of using the Converter Tool, some of which are:
	* quick, time-saving upgrades of your PHP applications to use the
mysqli extension
	* risk reduction of possible mistakes, as the conversion script has
been well-tested
	* ease of use: there's a very good web interface, as well as the
scriptable command-line portion

You can download the tool from:

We have also got an article, about Converting scripts to MySQLi at:

Please post any feedback to the PHP MySQL Forum at:

We would especially like to thank Ulf Wendel, Andrey Hristov, Georg 
Richter, and Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz.

Kind regards,

	Colin Charles
Colin Charles, Community Engineer
MySQL AB, Melbourne, Australia,
Office: 4528@stripped / +46 18 174 400 ext. 4528
Mobile: +614 12 593 292 / Skype: colincharles

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ANNOUNCE: MySQL releases MySQLi Converter ToolColin Charles12 Oct