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From:Stefan Hinz Date:September 22 2006 2:38pm
Subject:Option/Variable Reference for the MySQL Server
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The MySQL Reference Manual has become huge (about 2000 pages), and this
means it's becoming increasingly hard to find things. And often it's
hard for the MySQL documentation team to decide where to put things,
because no matter where we put them some people expect to find them in
another place. We've discussed solutions to this dilemma, and decided
that overview tables would address it best.

We've made a start with an overview table that lists all available
options, system variables, and server variables of the MySQL server v5:

We'll expand that table in many ways: We'll add more columns (such as
version information), we'll make parts of that table appear in other
sections of the Manual (for example, there would be a table that
contains replication-related options and variables in the Replication
chapter), and last but not least we'll add detailed summary tables that
provide more detailed information for each individual option or variable.

All this is made possible because we have created a new set of reference
material that provides extensive metadata about the different options,
variables and relationships. Currently, we are only generating summary
information from this data. If you're interested, take a look at the
mysqldoc repository to see how this is done:
The XML file that contains all metadata is mysqld-optvars/options.xml.

We welcome updates, corrections and improvements (docs@stripped)!


Stefan Hinz <stefan@stripped>
MySQL AB Documentation Team Lead. Berlin, Germany (UTC +2:00)
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Option/Variable Reference for the MySQL ServerStefan Hinz22 Sep