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From:Stefan Hinz Date:August 2 2006 2:54pm
Subject:Connector/J and Connector/MXJ docs renewed, Eclipse format available
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We've completely reworked the Connector/MXJ and Connector/J sections of 
the MySQL Reference Manual.

MySQL provides connectivity for client applications developed in the
Java programming language via a JDBC driver, which is called MySQL
Connector/J. It's a JDBC-3.0 Type 4 driver, which means that is pure
Java, implements version 3.0 of the JDBC specification, and communicates
directly with the MySQL server using the MySQL protocol. Find the
overhauled documentation here:

- MySQL 5.1:
- MySQL 5.0:
- MySQL 4.1:

MySQL Connector/MXJ is a Java Utility package for deploying and managing
a MySQL database. It may be bundled in to an existing Java application
or may be deployed as a JMX MBean. Deploying and using MySQL can be as
easy as adding an additional parameter to the JDBC connection url, which
will result in the database being started when the first connection is
made. This makes it easy for Java developers to deploy applications
which require a database by reducing installation barriers for their
end-users. Find the overhauled documentation here:

- MySQL 5.1:
- MySQL 5.0:
- MySQL 4.1:

Speaking of Java, the Eclipse SDK ( is becoming
increasingly popular among Java developers. Eclipse is an open source
community whose projects are focused on providing an extensible
development platform and application frameworks for building software.
MySQL provides documentation in Eclipse format now. That is, you can
make MySQL documentation available in Eclipse as a Eclipse Doc plugin.
This is brand new, so if you find any issues with that format, contact
docs@stripped. At the moment, we provide the Eclipse format for the
English versions of the Reference Manual only but we plan to provide it
for other languages and other MySQL documentation, too.


Stefan Hinz <stefan@stripped>
MySQL AB Documentation Team Lead. Berlin, Germany (UTC +2:00)
Skype:stefanhinz Cell:+491777841069 Desk:+493082702940 Fax:+493082702941

Connector/J and Connector/MXJ docs renewed, Eclipse format availableStefan Hinz2 Aug