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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 20 1999 12:22am
Subject:MySQL 3.23.5 released
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We have hoped that this would be a beta release, but as we just fixed
an bug in the index handling in MyISAM, we can't upgrade it to beta
yet :(   If there isn't any fatal bug founds in this version for a couple of 
week we will upgrade MySQL 3.23 to beta.

Changes in release 3.23.5

   * Fixed some Y2K problems in the new date handling in 3.23.

   * Fixed problem with `SELECT DISTINCT ... ORDER BY RAND()'.

   * Added patches by Sergei A. Golubchik for text searching on the
     MyISAM level.

   * Fixed cache overflow problem when using full joins without keys.

   * Fixed some configure issues.

   * Some small changes to make parsing faster.

   * `ALTER TABLE' + adding a column after the last field didn't work.

   * Fixed problem when using an auto_increment column in two keys

   * One can now with MyISAM have the auto_increment part as a sub part:
     `CREATE TABLE foo (a int not null auto_increment, b char(5),
     primary key (b,a))'

   * `AS' on fieldname with `CREATE TABLE table_name SELECT ...' didn't

   * Allow use of `NATIONAL' and `NCHAR' when defining character
     columns.  This is the same as not using `BINARY'.

   * Don't allow `NULL' columns in a `PRIMARY KEY' (only in `UNIQUE'

   * Clear `LAST_INSERT_ID' if in uses this in ODBC: `WHERE
     auto_increment_column IS NULL'.  This seams to fix some problems
     with Access.

   * `SET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL=0|1' now turns off/on the handling of
     searching after the last inserted row with `WHERE
     auto_increment_column IS NULL'.

   * Added new mysqld variable `concurrency' for Solaris.

   * Added option `--relative' to `mysqladmin' to make
     `extended-status' more useful to monitor changes.

   * Fixed bug when using `COUNT(DISTINCT..)' on an empty table.

   * Added support for the Chinese character set GBK.

   * Fixed problem with `LOAD DATA INFILE' and `BLOB' columns.

   * Added bit operator `~' (negation).

MySQL 3.23.5 releasedMichael Widenius20 Oct