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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 16 1999 7:16pm
Subject:MySQL 3.22.26 released
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3.22.26 was released a couple of days ago.  Here follows the changelog.

Changes in release 3.22.26

   * Fixed core dump with empty `BLOB/TEXT' column to `REVERSE()'.

   * Extended `/*! */' with version numbers.

   * Changed `SUBSTRING(text FROM pos)' to conform to ANSI SQL. (Before
     this construct returned the rightmost 'pos' characters).

   * Fixed problem with `LOCK TABLES' combined with `DELETE FROM table'

   * Fixed problem that INSERT ... SELECT didn't use SQL_BIG_TABLES.

   * `SET SQL_LOW_PRIORITY_UPDATES=#' didn't work.

   * Password wasn't updated correctly if privileges didn't change on:

   * Fixed range optimizer bug in `SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE
     key_part1 >= const AND (key_part2 = const OR key_part2 = const)'

   * Fixed bug in compression key handling in NISAM.

Most noteworthy is the 'compression key bug'.  If you experience
problems with index corruption on a long CHAR key (most notable with a
combinations of delete and inserts) then you should consider an

(Note that the bug doesn't show up that frequently;  It has been in
the MySQL code for at least 4 years and it only shows up in very
in very unlikely circumstances)


PS: We are slowly recovering from your total disk crash on our main
    hard disk.  We should have everything back to normal tomorrow.
MySQL 3.22.26 releasedMichael Widenius18 Sep