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From:Matt Wagner Date:October 26 2004 6:34pm
Subject:MySQL 4.1.7 has been released
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MySQL 4.1.7, a new version of the popular Open Source/Free Software
Database Management System has been released. It is now available in
source and binary form for a number of platforms from our download pages
at and mirror sites.

Note that not all mirror sites may be up-to-date at this point. If you
cannot find this version on a particular mirror, please try again later or
choose another download site.

This is the first 4.1 production release.

Please refer to our bugs database at for more
details about the individual bugs fixed in this version.

News from the ChangeLog:

Changes in release 4.1.7

   Functionality added or changed:
     * InnoDB: Made LOCK TABLES behave by default like it did before
       MySQL 4.0.20 or 4.1.2: no InnoDB lock will be taken. Added a
       startup option and settable system variable innodb_table_locks for
       making LOCK TABLE acquire also InnoDB locks. See section
       "Restrictions on InnoDB Tables" in the manual.
       (Bug #3299, Bug #5998)

   Bugs fixed:
     * Fixed a bug with FOUND_ROWS() used together with LIMIT clause in
       prepared statements. (Bug #6088)
     * Fixed a bug with NATURAL JOIN in prepared statements. (Bug #6046).
     * Fixed a bug in join of tables from different databases having
       columns with identical names (prepared statements). (Bug #6050)
     * Now implicit access to system time zone description tables (which
       happens when you set time_zone variable or use CONVERT_TZ()
       function) does not require any privileges. (Bug #6116)
     * Fixed a bug which caused the server to crash when the deprecated
       libmysqlclient function mysql_create_db() was called. (Bug #6081)
     * Fixed REVOKE ALL PRIVILEGES, GRANT OPTION FROM user so that all
       privileges are revoked correctly. (Bug #5831). This corrects a
       case that the fix in 4.1.6 could miss.
     * Fixed a bug that could cause MyISAM index corruption when key
       values start with character codes below BLANK. This was caused by
       the new key sort order in 4.1. (Bug #6151)
     * Fixed a bug in the prepared statements protocol when wrong
       metadata was sent for SELECT statements not returning a result set
       (such as SELECT ... INTO OUTFILE). (Bug #6059)
     * Fixed bug which allowed one to circumvent missing UPDATE privilege
       if one had INSERT and SELECT privileges for table with primary key.
       (Bug #6173)
     * Fixed a bug in libmysqlclient with wrong conversion of negative
       time values to strings. (Bug #6049).
     * Fixed a bug in libmysqlclient with wrong conversion of zero date
       values (0000-00-00) to strings. (Bug #6058)
     * Fixed a bug that caused the server to crash on attempt to prepare
       a statement with RAND(?). (Bug #5985)
     * Fixed a bug with handling of DATE, TIME, and DATETIME columns in
       the binary protocol. The problem is compiler-specific and could
       have been observed on HP-UX, AIX, Solaris9, when compiling with
       native compiler. (Bug #6025)
     * Fixed a bug with handling of TINYINT columns in the binary
       protocol. The problem is specific to platforms where the C
       compiler has the char data type unsigned by default. (Bug #6024)
     * Fixed problem introduced in MySQL 4.0.21 where a connection
       starting a transaction, doing updates, then FLUSH TABLES WITH READ
       LOCK, then COMMIT, would cause replication slaves to stop
       complaining about error 1223. Bug surfaced when using the InnoDB
       innobackup script. (Bug #5949)



Matt Wagner, Production Engineer
Northfield, MN, USA

MySQL 4.1.7 has been releasedMatt Wagner26 Oct