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From:Andreas Bogk Date:March 11 1999 6:35pm
Subject:MySQL bindings for Gwydion Dylan
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I've just uploaded a new version of the gd-mysql library to

This library contains the bindings and interface code required to
access the MySQL client library from programs written in Gwydion
Dylan. As indicated by the version number, this is far from
perfect. All the documented API calls are there, but convenience
macros, database abstraction layers, documentation and regression
tests are still missing.

Dylan is a dynamic, fully object-oriented language once invented by
Apple for the Newton. There's both a commercial implementation for
Win32 (Harlequin Dylan), as well as an Open Source implementation
(Gwydion Dylan). Dylan aims at being as convenient to use as perl or
Python, but without sacrificing universality or performance. More
information can be found at:

MySQL bindings for Gwydion DylanAndreas Bogk11 Mar