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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 5 1999 1:40pm
Subject:MySQL 3.23 alpha released
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We have now released 3.23.0 alpha;  It should be available on all
mirrors shortly (please don't send us mails that you can't find it at
some mirror).

Note that even if the 3.23 version passes our benchmark and our test
suite its extremely likely that we will find some interesting bugs in
it during the next few weeks :)  This means that you should only
download this and use this if you REALLY need some of the new features
that are found in 3.23 or if you want to develop with the newest

The biggest changes in 3.23 is that tables created with the new MYISAM 
type is binary portable between platforms. MYISAM also allows one to use files
> 4G on systems that supports this.

For a complete change list please consult:

Upgrading information can be found at:

The next features that we are going to implement to the 3.23 version

- Temporary tables
- Select count(distinct)
- One way replication
- sub selects

(In the above order)

MySQL 3.23 alpha releasedMichael Widenius5 Jul