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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 7 1999 11:20pm
Subject:MySQL 3.22.23b and MyODBC 2.50.24 released
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Changes in release MySQL 3.22.23
   * Upgraded to use autoconf 2.3, automake 1.4 and libtool 1.3.2
   * Better support for SCO in configure.
   * Added option `--defaults-file=###' to option file handling to
     force use of only one specific option file.
   * Extended `CREATE' syntax to ignore `MySQL 3.23' keywords.
   * Fixed deadlock problem when using `INSERT DELAYED' on a table
     locked with `LOCK TABLES'.
   * Fixed deadlock problem when using `DROP TABLE' on a table that was
     locked by another thread.
   * Add logging of `GRANT/REVOKE' commands in the update log.
   * Fixed `isamchk' to detect a new error condition.
   * Fixed bug in `NATURAL LEFT JOIN'.

MyODBC 3.22.24:

- This release fixes only some small bugs.  The major fixes is that some 
  MyODBC manager cursor functions should work better than before and
  that MyODBC works with the newest iodbc (unix odbc).

>From the ChangeLog (changes since 3.22.22):

* Added test of SQL_BESTROW_ID in SQLSpecialColumns
* The MyODBC driver never reported that a column is updatable when calling
  SQLColAttributes. (Patch by rsasnett@stripped)
* Fixed of 'Invalid cursor name Data truncated'
* Changed the FLAG connect option to OPTION (to be consistent with the Unix
  MyODBC version)
* Patch for big floats (by Dmitry Potapov <dpotapov@stripped>)
* Added option --with-odbc-ini=PATH
* misc.c: Modified to look for odbc.ini in the iodbc way.
* connect.c (SQLConnect): Initial statement now defaults to
  "", not "0". Connect flag is read from "option", not "flag".
  Connect-string keywords are now case insensitive on Unix.
* info.c (SQLGetInfo): Return mysql version instead of driver version
  with SQLGetInfo(SQL_DBMS_VER)
* Prepared for future libiodbcinst, provided is a temporary
  ini file reader - no patch to iodbc needed.
* Ported MyODBC to IODBC.  Did also the following changes:

MySQL 3.22.23b and MyODBC 2.50.24 releasedMichael Widenius8 Jun