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From:Balasubramanian Kandasamy Date:April 12 2017 6:16pm
Subject:MySQL Router 2.1.3 GA has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Router 2.1.3 GA is the first GA release for MySQL Router 2.1.

The MySQL Router is a new building block for high availability
solutions based on MySQL InnoDB clusters.

By taking advantage of the new Group Replication technology,
and combined with the MySQL Shell, InnoDB clusters provide an
integrated solution for high availability and scalability for
InnoDB based MySQL databases, that does not require advanced MySQL

The deployment of applications with high availability requirements
is greatly simplified by MySQL Router. MySQL client connections are
transparently routed to online members of a InnoDB cluster, with
MySQL server outages and cluster reconfigurations being automatically
handled by the Router.

MySQL Router 2.1 also introduces the following additions:

* Automatic setup/bootstrap with a MySQL InnoDB cluster
* Support for the new X protocol
* Support for deployments inside self-contained directories
* Easy and secure password management using a built-in keyring

You can download MySQL Router from
Package binaries are available for several platforms and also as a
source code download.

If you are a commercial customer, MySQL Router is available via the
MySQL Oracle Support (MOS) website. Packages will be available on
eDelivery at the next monthly refresh.

Documentation for MySQL Router can be found at


Changes in MySQL Router 2.1.3 (2017-04-12, General Availability)

    A known limitation of this release:

    The --bootstrap command line option does not accept IPv6 addresses.

      * Functionality Added or Changed

      * Bugs Fixed

    Functionality Added or Changed

      * Added functionality to also scan for Router configuration
        files with the .ini extension, to provide backward compatibility
        with previous Router installations.  Router looks in the initial
        directory for the .conf version, then checks for a .ini version,
        and then repeats the process in the second directory that's
        typically the user's home directory. (Bug #25688333)

    Bugs Fixed

      * On Linux, systemd based distributions defaulted to
        mysqlrouter.ini instead of mysqlrouter.conf. (Bug #25688333)

      * Bootstrapping as a super user (uid==0) without the --user
        option would generate files and directories that were owned by
        root an not accessible by others. Now, super users are required
        to pass in the --user option. Also while not recommended, the
        super user name can be passed in to force using the super user,
        such as --user=root.  (Bug #25682736)

      * Router would compile against yaSSL but not OpenSSL. (Bug
        #25672823, Bug #85068)

      * On Solaris, MySQL Router would not start as it could not
        find the required (Bug #25638708)

      * On FreeBSD, a unit-test would always fail with "Bad
        Suki". (Bug #25549490)

On behalf of Oracle MySQL Release Team
Balasubramanian Kandasamy

MySQL Router 2.1.3 GA has been releasedBalasubramanian Kandasamy12 Apr