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From:andy bang Date:September 12 2016 8:55pm
Subject:Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database has been
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Dear MySQL users,

The MySQL development team is pleased to announce that the fourth
release of Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database is now
Generally Available (GA).

Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database is the official MySQL
plug-in that provides comprehensive performance, availability, and
configuration information for Oracle's integrated enterprise IT
management product line, Oracle Enterprise Manager (12c or later).

This is a maintenance release that includes a few enhancements and
fixes a number of bugs.  You can find more information on the contents
of this release in the change log:
     (also included at the end of this note for convenience)

Use Self-Update to deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database, or use My Oracle Support to download and install manually:

Choose the "Patches & Updates" tab, and then choose the "Product or
Family (Advanced Search)" side tab in the "Patch Search" portlet.

Packages will also be available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud
at the next monthly refresh.

Please open a ticket on My Oracle Support to report problems, request
features, or give us general feedback about how this release meets
your needs.

All the best!

  - The MySQL Enterprise Tools Development Team

Useful URLs
* My Oracle Support -
* Installation documentation -
* Complete documentation -
* Product information -

Changes in Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database

Functionality Added or Changed

* Several performance enhancements were made in this release.

* The thresholds of the following metrics have been changed from
   critical to warning, and from warning to info:

   - Table Cache Not Optimal

   - Thread Cache Size Not Optimal

Bugs Fixed

* Path-related errors occurrOEM-17ed when using Oracle Enterprise
   Manager for MySQL Database on Oracle Enterprise Manager
   13CR1. (#23499577)

* On Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c it was not possible to upgrade from
   Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database to If using Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c, it is strongly
   recommended to upgrade from Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL
   Database to

* The InnoDB Redo Log Pending Writes graph was not displayed for MySQL
   5.7 instances.

* The Warnings Not Being Logged metric help text was updated.

* The underlying calculation of Prepared statements not being used
   effectively was incorrect.

* Excessive debug messages were logged. This was due to an issue with
   the Connector/J component.

* The help text of the Binary Log Space Exceeds Specified Limit metric
   was updated.

* Under certain circumstances, the MyISAM Full Text Configuration
   metric did not return accurate information. A warning was also
   logged in the agent logs.

* On the All Metrics page, any attempt to retrieve the Innodb
   Transaction Activity metrics resulted in the following error:

   Metric has no keys, but result has multiple rows

   The metrics were not displayed.
Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL Database has beenreleasedandy bang12 Sep